Core HR Strategies

Frustrated with HR problems costing you time – and money? With Century II, you and your team can focus on generating revenue rather than dealing with time-consuming issues beyond your expertise. You can take care of your business, knowing we’ll take care of your employees. See our list of services designed to restore your core focus.

With Century II's web-enabled Employee Resource Center, you and your employees are empowered to spend your valuable time servicing your clients, not managing unprofitable paperwork.

Most HR and Supervisory time is spent answering employee questions and making changes to employee records. In fact, we have found that most employees charged with managing HR functions spend up to twice the necessary time tackling these tasks, simply because there was no better way - until now.

Century II's web-enabled Employee Resource Center is a powerful communications tool that allows both you and your employees to access payroll and benefits information anytime, anywhere. With this freedom, you and your employees are empowered to spend your valuable time servicing your clients, not managing unprofitable paperwork.

Features include:

  • Access to personal data, payroll records, attendance records, and benefit status information
  • Time entry
  • Update notifications when employees change certain information, such as their address and phone number
  • Links - for example, to an external site for 401(k) information
  • Seamless integration with our Human Resources Management and Payroll systems
  • Client-configurable read-only and updatable data fields, giving you control and flexibility

Our Employer Resource Center allows you to manage complete employee information profiles and run reports to view anything from an employee’s compensation to his or her personal information. Let our experienced HR professionals prove how automating personnel information will provide you a competitive advantage within your market.

Examples of information you can track and/or run reports for include:

  • Health data record
  • Track (where applicable) audio testing, drug testing, and physical exams
  • HR actions
  • Rehires, leaves of absence, pay rate change history, status-type changes
  • PTO summary
  • Memos
  • Employee census information
  • Birthdates, gender, marital status, residence, hire date, annual pay, hourly pay, department
  • Birthday reports
  • Drug test report (view last drug test results by employee name)
  • New hire report (view employees hired within specified dates)
  • Terminated employees report
  • Payroll reports

Allow our automated system to help you track employee personnel information, with instant access to important details in a user-friendly format.