Mistakes to Avoid, Straight from the DOL Solicitor

We've seen many new regulations from the Department of Labor (DOL) and increased enforcement efforts recently, and we understand that it can be difficult to keep track of everything you need to know as a business owner. One of the many benefits of working with a PEO like us is that we keep track of the ever-changing laws for you, and help you remain compliant.


"Meeting in our nation's capital and having a strong public policy group have some definite perks, such as getting the inside scoop on employment law trends directly from the Department of Labor's Solicitor. During a recent Baker Donelson meeting in Washington, D.C., Solicitor Patricia Smith accepted our invitation to speak to our Labor & Employment group and shared with us her top ten mistakes that employers make." Continue reading this article, "The Inside Scoop: Top 10 Employer Mistakes According to the Solicitor of Labor," by Dena H. Sokolow and Jenna M. Bedsole on the Baker Donelson website.


If you need help understanding how to avoid these mistakes, please contact us. We want to make sure you avoid these mistakes at your business, so let us know how we can help keep you compliant.

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