How to Make Organizational Change Happen Faster

Want to make an organizational change happen faster? It requires tact, strategy, and intent, but if you handle a change deliberately and purposefully, it might happen quicker than you think. Change has always been a part of running a business. In the past, changes were often subtle and slow, but these days, it feels like we're just keeping up. Being able to efficiently and proactively navigate your team through an organizational change can have an extremely positive impact on your company's profitability.


"Change can happen when you set it in motion. To be clear, change requires deliberate action, much like getting your son to mow the lawn or changing your corporate brand. There are processes and tactics, but they should not be taken lightly…


Change is about providing a vision for the future reality, getting people to own that vision through influence and learning, demonstrate wins and knowing that there is no changing your mind." Continue reading this article by Russ Ouellette on the New Hampshire Business Review's website.


If you need help with any or all of the following change management issues, we can help.

  • Coordinating the entirety of the change management plan
  • Creating employee satisfaction surveys and developing useful questions to ask

  • Setting up anonymous surveys and collating the results

  • Consulting with the leadership team to identify and tackle the many moving parts

  • Working through the capability of the business to address short, intermediate and long term issues

  • Draft a strong communication strategy for your employees

  • Explain competitive advantages so your employees embrace the "change movement"


Feel free to contact us with any questions, too!

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