Plan for a Productive Summer Workplace

Plan for Summer Now and Make the Living Easy

Vacations are a much anticipated break from the stresses of work. Your employees look forward to the time off and vacations give them a time to refresh and refuel. We recommend you plan your employees' vacation time early so that your company continues to be productive, even with some of your key employees out of the office.

Strategies for Scheduling Vacations

Most companies offer a graduated vacation benefit with employees earning from one to five weeks of time away from the office. Many employees like to plan vacations around holidays to make the most of their time off. As you know, it can be challenging to schedule time off for all your employees without affecting your business' productivity. However, planning for your employees' vacation schedules keeps your business running smoothly when people are out of the office or away from the production line. Some things to consider:

·   Set a deadline for requesting vacation time

·        Outline vacation prioritization in your policy

·        Clearly state that it is your right to rearrange vacation time, if necessary

·        Identify a backup plan for each person on vacation, especially those in critical roles

·        Stagger vacation so that no department or critical operation is without backup

·        Schedule a shut down for the entire company, if possible

·        Communicate any shut down to all clients and suppliers

·        Offer premium pay for highly requested vacation time

Plan, then Relax and Enjoy

Once you have planned for employees, it is time to plan your own vacation. Be sure to check your insurance plan for any restrictions that apply when traveling. Give your assistant or designated backup the reigns, pack the sunscreen and enjoy!

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