Creating a Successful Business

Century II's owner and president, Tena Mayberry, was featured on a discussion panel sponsored by the Williamson County Chamber of Commerce Women in Business. She was joined by local women business owners, Lynda Stone of The Puffy Muffin and Shirley Zeitlin of Zeitlin & Co. Realtors, to discuss creating a successful business. So, what does it take to achieve business success? Here's what these local ladies had to say.

The Secrets to Success

  • Take advantage of opportunities presented to you. Mayberry explains that, "when a door opens, go through it. You never know where the path will lead, and maybe we shouldn't always try to figure it out."
  • Building a strong team is critical to your business success. Hiring and promoting the right employees creates a strong, dedicated staff that results in higher productivity and increased profitability for your company.
  • Maintaining business success also means purposefully building a company culture that includes clear vision, expectations and core values. Make these evident to both your employees and your customers. Your employees work harder and your clients continue to return when you cultivate a strong and consistent company culture.
  • Mistakes are inevitable and unavoidable. When you make a mistake, all you can do is own it and get over it. The way you handle and respond to a mistake makes all the difference when it comes to the success of your business.

In conclusion, Mayberry remarks that one of the most important secrets to business success is believing in yourself, your staff, your customers, and your company. "You have to have courage to make decisions that will benefit the whole -- your team, your clients and business."

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