Personal Time Off (PTO) Vs. Holiday/Vacation/Sick Days

Why Choose a PTO Policy?

These days, more and more workers and companies appreciate the concept of a PTO policy instead of the old vacation day/sick day/holiday plan. The flexibility of a “personal time off” plan is often preferred to separate policies for vacation or sick days. A PTO plan is much easier and less time-consuming for managers and supervisors to control. Our PTO policy is designed to make both you and your employees happy.

Here are a few differences between the two types of policies:

PTO Policy

Holiday/Vacation/Sick Days Policy

Simplicity - x number of days off each year

Complicated mathematical accrual formula

Flexibility for your employees

Rigid number of sick/vacation days

You don't need to verify medical conditions

May require doctor's verification

You don't need to keep track of types of days off

You must keep track of vacation days vs. sick days

Competitive with today's job market

Not attractive to today's workers


Healthy workers love a PTO policy because if they don’t get sick, they can use the days for additional vacation. This keeps your workers happy and your productivity high throughout the year

We Make the Transition Easy

Our PTO policy covers all the aspects of time off that you need to address: part-time employees moving to full-time, termination policies, pro-rated time off for new employees and end-of-year carry-over policies. In transitioning from the old type of policy to our new PTO policy, sick days accrued are accounted for in a "Grandfathered Sick Plan". We can help you with all the details to make a smooth transition.

Call Us Today to Update Your Policy

The new PTO concept, with its simplicity and flexibility, fits better into people’s lives. Your current employees will love the change, and prospective talent will count it as a plus when considering an employment offer from you.  Not to mention you'll spend significantly less time worrying about the different types of time off. Let us help you make it a win-win for everyone!

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