The July Shining Star Volunteer at Read to Succeed is Century II Sales Manager Thom Coats.   Thom volunteered for several events and performed various tasks from serving on the Advisory Council to reading to children to working the booth at events to support the Read to Succeed program.

Thom chose to volunteer with Read to Succeed because he believes that “reading is the gateway to everything in life. If you read, you learn.” He and his wife always read with their children.

Read to Succeed is a Murfreesboro-based literacy organization based on the philosophy that reading is a basic skill that allows each of us to navigate life successfully and improves happiness. They have programs for children and adults, including programs to help parents learn to involve their children with reading. Visit the website for more on the mission and programs http://readtosucceed.org/.

Century II has supported Read to Succeed program that gives away 1,000 books a month by holding a company book drive and giving our own “gently used” books.  Century II also provided the movie, “How to Train Your Dragon,” for the Read to Succeed summer reading program.

Thom explained “Tena Mayberry encourages us to be doers in our community.  She leads by example and doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty.  With a leader like that how could I not commit to an organization that helps others improve themselves?”

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