Our History

Founded in 1985, Century II is one of the nation’s oldest and Tennessee’s largest Professional Employer Organizations (PEO). Since its founding, Century II has always had positive annual growth, revenue, and profits. 

Our office is located in Nashville, Tennessee.

In 2005, Fortune Industries acquired Century II. Four years later, in 2009, Fortune Industries named Tena Mayberry their CEO and President. Ms. Mayberry also serves as Century II’s CEO and President. In addition to Century II, Fortune Industries’ PEO holdings include: 

The sister companies share resources and expertise to best serve our client companies, but operate independently.

  • 1985: Ross Hickey founds Century II; Hickey helps write legislation in Tennessee that clarifies rules that govern the industry in the state.
  • 1997: CSM, Inc., a client of Century II, acquires Century II; CSM CEO, Marc Fortune, becomes president and CEO of the firm.
  • 2001: Century II establishes Century II Services, our life and health insurance agency, a wholly owned subsidiary.
  • 2001: Century II wins the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce Music City Future 50 Award, which recognizes the 50 fastest-growing small businesses in the Nashville area.
  • 2002: Century II wins the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce Music City Future 50 Award—again!
  • 2005: Century II merges with Indianapolis, Indiana-based Fortune Diversified Industries as part of its publicly-held PEO division. Century II celebrates its 20th Anniversary.
  • 2008: Century II becomes the PEO Division Headquarters for its parent company, Fortune Diversified Industries.
  • 2013: Members of management at Century II, ESG, and PSM purchase controlling interest in Fortune Industries, making it a privately held company.
  • 2016: Oasis Outsourcing acquired Century II, ESG, and PSM.